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Wednesday miscellany

Having no brilliant new thoughts of my own today, I’ll give you a few links that you might find helpful and/or enjoyable.

One of my favorite blogs is Go Pop Go!  Pop often posts fantastic-sounding recipes for the grill and other fun stuff, but his current Random Religious Ramblings include good thoughts on narcissism vs. altruism, God’s judgment, and how to pray.  I love Pop’s honesty.

For another take on narcissism, see Elizabeth Esther’s post about dealing with manipulative people.  Note to dog-lovers: Browse her blog and you’ll find some darned cute photos of her new puppy, too.

From the pimp-the-book department: On the Random House website, you can hear an excerpt from the audio version of When Sparrows Fall.  Find the tab that says Audiobook, then click on “Listen to an excerpt.”

Finally, any gardeners among us might enjoy one of my favorite sights in the back yard, where dark purple clematis mingles with bright-white jasmine.  Sometimes when I need to de-stress, I go take a big whiff of the jasmine.

Jasmine and clematis

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