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Wade Burleson on Quiverfull

Wade Burleson has written an excellent post about Quiverfull theology at “Grace and Truth to You.”  He’s an evangelical Christian himself, and he approaches the movement respectfully but with a clear eye for aberrant teachings.

If you’ve never heard of Quiverfull, it’s the belief that the size of one’s family, or “quiver,” should be determined by God, not by human choices such as birth control.  Think the Duggar family.  Think ten or twelve or eighteen children.  Or more.

Mr. Burleson recommends reading Quiverfull by Kathryn Joyce, with a couple of caveats.  I read it last year, and I agree with him.  It’s an eye-opening examination of a variety of Quiverfull-type families.  I didn’t agree with all of Ms. Joyce’s conclusions, but the book is a fascinating read for anyone who has ever wondered about the movement.

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