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Update on the lost month

Yes, that reads “lost” month, not “last” month.

Ever have one of those days where you feel scattered?  Or torn in three directions?  Ever have a whole month like that?

Me too.  August flew by in a whirl of work and travel.  I kept working on the edits of my next novel even when we were on the road to California.   I’d planned to keep working all the way home too, but I managed to lose my laptop cord somewhere.  Or at least I thought I’d lost it.  When we unloaded the van, there it was, hiding under a duffel bag.  There’s nothing quite like the joy of knowing you don’t have to order a new laptop cord after all.

Update on the edits: I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not the headlight of a locomotive.

Update on the garden:  We’ve been invaded by tomato hornworms, and the heat just won’t quit.  The garden is not looking good.

Update on social media:  Sadly neglected.  Right now, revamping the novel takes precedence, and I like the way it’s going.  I intend to finish before I head off to the ACFW writers conference later this month, so I can let the story sit and cool for a few days before I give it a final read-through and send it to my editor.  Then I’ll try to remember how to tweet and post on Facebook and all that jazz.  Has FB made too many aggravating changes while I was gone?

And this morning at 11:00 Eastern, I’m doing a live interview on WGRC Radio, 91.3 in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, their live streaming is down, but maybe I have a few friends who live close enough to give a listen.

Finally, just because I think you’ll like it, here is yesterday’s Wednesday Link List on Paul Wilkinson’s “Thinking Out Loud” blog.  It’s one that I read every week, and I usually click through to most of the links.  He always provides lots of good food for thought.

And now I’d better make sure I’ve assembled enough working brain cells to handle an interview….

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