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Trees on my mind

When we bought this house, one of my favorite finds was the eucalyptus tree in a corner of the yard.  It wasn’t the same kind I grew up with in California, but it was close enough, with a similar spicy scent.  Whenever a few small stems blew down in a storm, I used them in fresh bouquets or dried them.  The soft green color dries to an even softer brown that’s very pretty in dried arrangements.

When the tornado hit last week, the tree crashed onto our fence and into our neighbor’s yard.  Jon took out his chain saw and dealt with that tree and another one that had fallen into our yard from our neighbor on the other side.  I bundled eucalyptus stems and branches and hung them up to dry in a closet and on the sun porch.

Jon says the scent is overwhelming, but it reminds me of California and sunshine.  More than that, as long as these branches last, they will also remind me of the tornado and how close we came to tragedy.

We’re not going to put up a Christmas tree this year, but I’ve decked the mantel with eucalyptus.  I also gathered some fragments of pine that the tornado blew into our yard, but I’m keeping them in a vase for now, so they won’t dry out too soon.  Sometimes I bury my nose in the pine, and the scent takes me back to childhood memories of beautiful Christmas trees.

If you’ve ever worried that Christmas trees are a pagan custom, read this not-to-be-missed post about Christmas trees by Eric M. Pazdziora, a Christian musician and composer.  As always, Eric focuses on the love of God.

And here’s a link to an article about childhood Christmas memories that I wrote for  Mine is just one of many, about the twelfth down.  I hope you’ll enjoy them.

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