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The Saints, the French, and the Google ad

How ’bout them Saints?  How ’bout them ads?

Football isn’t my favorite sport (Go, Wings!) but I do like a good Super Bowl party.  My daughter and her husband opened their home to a mixed bag of Saints fans and Colts fans.  I rooted for the Saints because I’m partial to underdogs.

My favorite ad was Google’s “Parisian Love Story.” The men seemed unimpressed, but I think most of the women in the room got caught up in the clever story.

And very clever it was, to tell a story solely by showing search links.  No actors.  A minimum of voices.  It included nothing that was demeaning to either men or women, which can’t be said of some of the other ads.

But what’s going on here?  Twice in a row, I’ve posted something about a French/American romance.  Then there’s New Orleans and its French heritage. As the heroine’s best friend said in Green Card, “It’s like French week.”  That’s not an exact quote, but it’s close.

Anybody else want to share a favorite Super Bowl ad?

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