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The Internet Monk’s first book

I’m a big fan of the online writings of Michael Spencer, also known as the Internet Monk. Over several years of reading his posts at both the Boarshead Tavern and at Internet Monk, I’ve come to hold him in very high regard.

The Boarshead Tavern, a.k.a. the BHT, is a group blog written by a motley crew of Christians from assorted denominations. They discuss everything from theology to sports. It can’t be easy, but Michael hasĀ  moderated the BHT’s online brawls with grace and good humor, tempered with the occasional scolding when necessary.

I just read on the BHT that Michael’s first book is available for pre-order at Amazon. Called Mere Churchianity and subtitled Finding Your Way Back to a Jesus-Shaped Spirituality, it’s published by WaterBrook Multnomah. Based on his other writings, I expect it to be honest, compassionate, and focused on Jesus. And I expect that I need its message.

Michael is battling cancer. Please be praying for him and for his family.

And please buy his book when you can.

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