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The conference, the Caddie, and the rib

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks. For starters, I finished writing a novel.

Couple of days after that, I went to the ACFW writers’ conference in Nashville and won two exciting awards there. Better than that, I met up with friends and cemented relationships that I believe will last a lifetime. But I’ll post more about the conference later. It deserves more than one measly paragraph. For now, I’ll just say God was at work and I love my local writing buddies, my long-distance ones, and the Faith*in*Fiction gang.

Home again . . . to chocolate and roses from my husband, to celebrate the good stuff that happened at the conference. Then I got a phone call from a literary agent who’s one of the best in the business. She offered to represent me, and of course I jumped at the chance.

Then I rewrote the ending of the novel. Then I broke a rib, apparently. Tripped on a very hard sidewalk on my way to the trash with a bag of doggie doo. It was a very glamorous accident, as you can tell.

Complete with broken rib, which wasn’t too painful at that point, I drove to Florida with my husband, who’d bought me a small Cadillac on eBay, which meant we had to pick it up, A.S.A.P. I love the car. It was worth the trip. But thank God for laptops. I kept right on writing. Until the return trip, of course, when I was busy driving.

Home again . . . I rewrote the ending a second time, over a few days. About the time I decided I liked the new ending, the rib decided to act up. It had pretty much stopped hurting, but now it hurts like #$%@ or worse.

But I really do like the ending.

So, there are my excuses for slacking off on blogging for the last couple of weeks. Forgive me?

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