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Thank you, Barnes and Noble

I’m bad at dates, but I think it was around 1998.  Every Tuesday night, around a dozen aspiring novelists showed up at the local Barnes and Noble for a critique group.  We had a fairly strict schedule, taking turns to distribute our chapters one week and then to sit in the hot seat the next week while everyone else dissected our writing.

Sometimes when we were in a heated discussion of someone’s novel-in-progress, customers would drift over to listen in.  Depending on the topic of the moment, they might have overheard us debating a villain’s best bet for a choice of murder weapon, the pitfalls of writing a character who’s TSTL (Too Stupid To Live), or something really scintillating like apostrophe rules.  We laughed a lot, we learned a lot, and some of us forged lifelong friendships over our mutual love of books.

Even in these days of e-books and online bookstores, there’s still nothing like walking into a brick-and-mortar bookstore to browse the shelves and tables.  I like to hold a book in my hand, smell the ink and paper, and leaf through it to see if it looks like a keeper.

Starting today, Barnes and Noble locations around the country will display my second novel, Gone South, on their “Treat yourself to a good book” tables.  It’s special to me because B & N, in a very real sense, is where I started my writing career.

Here are some recent shots of sightings of Gone South in B & N locations in Georgia:

My friend Martha Hynson in the Athens store…

My friend Ruth Trippy at the Buford location…

and me, in the Snellville store.

If you’re near a B & N and you can ask someone to take your picture with Gone South, or if you can take a selfie, please do, and email it to me or post it to Facebook with the store’s location and tag my name.  I would love to see photos from all over the country. Thanks!

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