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A game for bookish folks

My friend Amy Wallace has dragged me out of lurkdom by tagging me to play this little game. I’m not going to tag anybody, but if you feel like playing along, please tell us where to find your answers. You can read responses from Amy and some of her friends at her blog. Here are the questions and my answers:…

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Rejoicing with my friends

The last couple of weeks have been chock-full of good news for some friends of mine. In no particular order…. Amy Wallace’s debut novel, Ransomed Dreams, has been released. It’s an action-packed, suspenseful story of a young woman who lost her family but dares to dream again, with the help of an agent with the F.B.I. Crimes Against Children unit….

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Relief Journal is here

I was headed out for a trip to the library when I stopped at the mailbox and found my copy of the first issue of “Relief, A Quarterly Christian Expression.” In other words, a Christian literary journal. I know one of the contributors in this issue, Mike Snyder, who’s brilliant and funny. The treasure in my mailbox was almost enough…

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