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Wednesday miscellany

Having no brilliant new thoughts of my own today, I’ll give you a few links that you might find helpful and/or enjoyable. One of my favorite blogs is Go Pop Go!  Pop often posts fantastic-sounding recipes for the grill and other fun stuff, but his current Random Religious Ramblings include good thoughts on narcissism vs. altruism, God’s judgment, and how…

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Praying for Michael Spencer

I’ve started this half a dozen times now, trying to find the right words.  There just aren’t any. Please, pray for Michael Spencer, his wife Denise, and their children Clay and Noel.  There’s an update here at Internet Monk. Nobody has encouraged me in my faith more than Michael has, and I’ve never met the man. Our loss will be…

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Ever prayed for a synopsis?

For a week or two now, off and on, I’ve been wrestling with a synopsis–a six-page summary of a novel, written in present tense, for my agent to use in selling the book. Sounds easy enough, except I was also revising the whole manuscript, so the synopsis kept changing. Once the plot finally stopped changing, you’d think it wouldn’t be…

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Dying Down South

A few days ago, I picked up The Pat Conroy Cookbook at the library. Pat Conroy wrote The Prince of Tides, The Lords of Discipline, and The Great Santini, some of my favorite novels of the South. He writes so you can smell the Gulf and taste the crab cakes. Even when he writes a cookbook, it’s full of quirky…

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Standing in the need of prayer

What a monstrous storm Katrina was. Natural disasters happen all the time. Earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes. They affect Christian nations and pagan ones. They destroy brothels and churches. They kill saints and sinners, old folks, newlyweds, little children. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. Some people label disasters as God’s judgment, but I just can’t. As Jesus said, speaking…

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