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Down with umbrellas

We’ve had a ton of rain lately, thank God. Atlanta’s drought is officially over. I was pushing my shopping cart out of the grocery store the other day in the middle of a downpour. I don’t own an umbrella. There was no sense in trying to hide from the rain, so I kept my head up–and a huge flock of…

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I’ve been missing….

I woke this morning to strong winds and a beautiful sunrise, half over. I usually get up when it’s dark out, but I tend to miss the sunrise because I’ve got my nose to the laptop by then. So I went outside to see what I’d been missing. A hawk was circling above the trees to the right of my…

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Spring surprises

It seems like the trees were bare just days ago, and now they’re dense and green with leaves. How did May get here so soon? This is my first spring in this particular house, so I’m enjoying the surprises. We didn’t know we had a star magnolia in the back yard, for instance. It just looked like an ordinary little…

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Yesterday was one of those scattered-in-all-directions days. I really wanted to be writing, especially because I’d figured out a major plot change for one of the novels I’m revising and so I wanted to dig into it. Immediately. But it was our night to host a home-group Bible study, so I had to clean the house, never a small task….

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Poor beastie

As Robert Burns said in 1785, the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley. I had planned to post something here Monday through Friday, every week. But there I was, three days into blogging, and my ISP went down. So much for good intentions. Anyway, I’m back. Speaking of mice, let’s consider the housekeeping habits of bookish…

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Whatever the weather….

On Saturday, my husband and I joined some friends for an afternoon trip to the mountains. We pulled into Highlands, North Carolina, late in the afternoon, seven riders on five bikes. My husband hollered to me over his shoulder, “I hear bagpipes!” Of course you do, dear. Is your helmet a little too tight? But he was right. A piper…

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