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Homeschooling: sensible and not so sensible

I may be a “graduate” homeschool mom, with my kids grown and out of school, but I still read Karen Campbell’s “That Mom” blog of encouragement for homeschool mothers.  Her current post on minimalist influence is outstanding.  It gets to the roots of how homeschooling should work. As I told Karen in my comment, I wish I’d known her years…

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The Bronté action figures

This is too funny not to share.  Thanks to Karen Campbell at True Womanhood for this one: The Bronté sisters action figures. If only they were real!  But according to Phil Lord and Chris Miller on YouTube, “This was a fake commercial we made in 1998 for a series of educational shorts about action figures based on historical figures. Its…

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No greater sorrow: the Pearls’ legacy

Today I’m veering off my usual track of book-related subjects and mindless miscellany because I want to tackle a disturbing topic. First, let me say that I’m a fairly conservative Christian and a veteran home-school mom who “graduated” from homeschooling only last year.  That doesn’t mean I’ve been isolated.  I have friends of assorted persuasions, whether we’re talking about theology,…

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