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The V.S. Naipaul flap

Has anybody been following the latest V.S. Naipaul flap?  He’s a famous novelist.  A Nobel laureate.  He must be a pretty smart guy.  Except, in an interview at the Royal Geographic Society in London, he started picking on Jane Austen and female writers in general.  He accused Austen of sentimentality, and he claimed that women’s writing is inferior because a…

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Happy-making links

I’m so, so thankful for my fantastic editor and the whole awesome team at WaterBrook.  I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of people to work with.  My novel is in good hands. But my brain is tired.  So are my eyes.  They’ve been reading and re-reading, editing and re-editing, the same 98,000 words, over and over and over (and…

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