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Oh, darn. My TBR list just grew.

At the Internet Monk, Jeff Dunn is leading a  discussion about favorite novels. Okay, so I’m a day late and a dollar short.  The discussion was raging a couple of days ago, but I was busy traveling.  I haven’t caught up with laundry, much less with my favorite blogs. Friendly lists of must-read authors make me page-hungry inside.   G.K….

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Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk

The Internet Monk has gone home. Michael Spencer’s online writings have affected me deeply from the first day I discovered them.  They’ve always pointed me toward the gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope the fellows of the Boarshead Tavern will keep the place open and continue to honor the way Michael  loved and honored Jesus.  I’ll be praying that the…

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Real Christianity

I’ve been trying to post another installment of our tour through the links on my blogroll, but somehow the drafts keep vanishing into cyberspace. For today, I’ll just direct your attention to my friend Sherrie Lord, whose most recent post about real Christianity is  much better than anything I could have come up with. Follow her link to the Internet…

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On a roller coaster with Jesus

What’s the world’s biggest, tallest, fastest, jerkiest roller coaster?  That’d be the one that’s been taking my emotions on a ride for the last week or so.  I hope I can make a semi-coherent post out of this. Last weekend, I drove to Nashville for a publishing workshop from The Master Seminars. What a privilege that was:  Brainstorming with my…

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Praying for Michael Spencer

I’ve started this half a dozen times now, trying to find the right words.  There just aren’t any. Please, pray for Michael Spencer, his wife Denise, and their children Clay and Noel.  There’s an update here at Internet Monk. Nobody has encouraged me in my faith more than Michael has, and I’ve never met the man. Our loss will be…

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The Internet Monk’s first book

I’m a big fan of the online writings of Michael Spencer, also known as the Internet Monk. Over several years of reading his posts at both the Boarshead Tavern and at Internet Monk, I’ve come to hold him in very high regard. The Boarshead Tavern, a.k.a. the BHT, is a group blog written by a motley crew of Christians from…

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