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They’re taking over my house!

I recently spent a little time with somebody who has fewer books in her whole house than I have on my cookbook shelf. (Not that I use my cookbooks often, since I’m highly allergic to domestic activities, but they’re there if I need them.) I can’t imagine being content with only a skeleton crew of books. In this house, they…

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Domesticity or the lack thereof

I’ve never been domestically inclined. Oh, I’ve tried to fit myself into that mold. I’ve played the role of the model housewife. I know how to sew, scrub, cook, bake, and pinch a penny. But certain circumstances bring out my true priorities. The broken oven, for instance. We’ve lived with it since June. I’m perfectly capable of picking up the…

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Poor beastie

As Robert Burns said in 1785, the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley. I had planned to post something here Monday through Friday, every week. But there I was, three days into blogging, and my ISP went down. So much for good intentions. Anyway, I’m back. Speaking of mice, let’s consider the housekeeping habits of bookish…

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