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I’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do

I’d like to explain why my blog includes links to some sites that link to other sites that might be considered decidedly un-Christian. I’m a Christian.  I’ve been exposed to a variety of denominations, but the age-old Apostles’ Creed will serve as my statement of faith. I’m a former homeschooling mom.  We home-schooled our kids all the way through.  The…

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No greater sorrow: the Pearls’ legacy

Today I’m veering off my usual track of book-related subjects and mindless miscellany because I want to tackle a disturbing topic. First, let me say that I’m a fairly conservative Christian and a veteran home-school mom who “graduated” from homeschooling only last year.  That doesn’t mean I’ve been isolated.  I have friends of assorted persuasions, whether we’re talking about theology,…

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On I-75 with Levi’s Will

I didn’t know I’d chosen the perfect book to read on this particular road trip with my family: Levi’s Will, by Dale Cramer. Just before we started our 12-hour drive to a wedding in Michigan, I grabbed the book. It’s about an Ohio boy named Will who ran from his Amish family at age 19, wound up in Atlanta with…

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