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Six weird things.

My friend Deeanne Gist tagged me today to play “Six Weird Things About Me.” Oh, boy. Like I needed to be reminded. Ha! Here goes. 1. I don’t do numbers. My brain simply refuses to process them. Ask me what year my car is, and I can’t tell you. Ask me how old I am, and I have to stop…

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Dee & Me

My friend and critique partner Deeanne Gist posted a picture of the two of us on her blog today and shared some kind and completely true words about my husband. Ever since I started writing, Jon has been my encourager, always going the extra mile and shelling out more money so I can follow my dream. He even played chauffeur…

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The Seven Sevens

I’m it, I’ve been tagged by Deeanne Gist, and it’s my turn to play. Seven things to do before I die 1. Drive the entire coast of California, stopping wherever and whenever I please. 2. Learn how to ride a motorcycle. The real kind, not just a little-bitty dirt bike. 3. Organize about ten thousand photos for my kids. 4….

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Of Panama, Russia, and Dixie

I indulged in my favorite kind of shopping last Saturday morning. My husband and I strolled down the frosty sidewalk to a garage sale a few doors down. We’ve lived here less than six months and hadn’t met these particular neighbors yet, so it was part social call, part business. Soon another neighbor showed up with a box of books…

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Cold lobby, warm connections

I’m sitting in the freezing-cold lobby of a hotel in Nashville at the annual conference of the American Christian Fiction Writers. There’s free wireless internet down here, which is why I’m not upstairs in bed. I can’t adequately describe the delight of being with so many like-minded people and meeting friends I’ve only known online before. As one of the…

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