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Sherrie and Dee, hats and chats

Some of my friends have heard me speak of Sherrie Lord, who mentored me when I was first trying to figure out how on earth to write a novel. Sherrie and I attended the Colorado Christian Writers Conference last month, had a blast, and came away stoked to write new projects. She’s a fabulous brainstormer and a great roommate. She…

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Rejoicing with my friends

The last couple of weeks have been chock-full of good news for some friends of mine. In no particular order…. Amy Wallace’s debut novel, Ransomed Dreams, has been released. It’s an action-packed, suspenseful story of a young woman who lost her family but dares to dream again, with the help of an agent with the F.B.I. Crimes Against Children unit….

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Dee & Me

My friend and critique partner Deeanne Gist posted a picture of the two of us on her blog today and shared some kind and completely true words about my husband. Ever since I started writing, Jon has been my encourager, always going the extra mile and shelling out more money so I can follow my dream. He even played chauffeur…

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Feeling like an auntie

I don’t know this from experience yet, but I’ve heard that authors feel like new parents when they hold their newly published books for the first time. They’ve gone through a long pregnancy, but there it is, finally. A baby made of ink on paper. The thoughts of the author’s heart have gone through all the stages of the writing…

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Good books I’ve been reading

I learned this morning that Deeanne Gist has hit Number 10 on the list of best-selling Christian fiction with A Bride Most Begrudging, published by Bethany House. (You can read a bit about the book in my first post, listed in the sidebar.) I’m happy for her, and I’m happy for the readers who have picked up her book. I…

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Bikes, Books, and a Bride Most Begrudging

“Ride your own ride.” That advice comes from my friend Gloria, a Harley rider. We love riding in the mountains, Gloria and her husband each on their own bikes while I enjoy passenger status behind my husband. Each rider is responsible for his or her own safety. If Gloria were following her husband and he made a maneuver that wouldn’t…

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