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Playing by the rules or not?

I should be writing Christmas cards. Instead, I’m immersed in one more read-through of the suspense novel I should have sent my agent weeks ago. My friend Suzan just read it and gave me some suggestions that shouldn’t take long to implement. I’m still debating just how real and gritty to make this story. As an unpublished writer, I’ll have…

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Zola and the Art of Motorcycle Noise

“If you asked me what I came into this world to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud.” –Emile Zola I liked that quote long before Steven Curtis Chapman sang about it. Although I’m a quiet person, part of me loves to make noise. Maybe that’s why I enjoy my husband’s motorcycles. He loves Hondas. One…

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ACFW moments: the good, the bad, and the ugly

I wrote a post yesterday, but something ate it. So, instead of a cohesive and intelligent report from the ACFW conference, I’ll round up some random memories in no particular order. Which might be more interesting anyway. An encouraging moment: As I walked down the hall, I overheard a young man mention P.G. Wodehouse as a favorite author. Yeah! I’ve…

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Best sellers, best givers

My husband and I took a one-day trip on his bike a couple of weeks ago. We stopped at a garage sale just down the road, and I bought a novel by a Famous Christian Author, or F.C.A. Lo, how the mighty have fallen. A best-seller for a quarter. I’ve never read any of this F.C.A.’s books, but I’ve read…

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The fiction addiction

The fiction addiction is taking over my house again. For a while, I had everything under control. Books were on shelves, where they belonged, except for two or three that I was reading or re-reading. Then my friend Suzan came over and lent me a stack of good reads. Then I hit a bookstore on Mother’s Day and bought a…

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