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Down with umbrellas

We’ve had a ton of rain lately, thank God. Atlanta’s drought is officially over. I was pushing my shopping cart out of the grocery store the other day in the middle of a downpour. I don’t own an umbrella. There was no sense in trying to hide from the rain, so I kept my head up–and a huge flock of…

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Going to the birds

Sometime during Feb. 16-19, I’m going to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count. This is a simple activity and doesn’t take much time. You count birds, and you enter your counts online. The results are used to guesstimate the well being of various types of birds and how general patterns of bird populations vary from year to year. It’s…

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I’ve been missing….

I woke this morning to strong winds and a beautiful sunrise, half over. I usually get up when it’s dark out, but I tend to miss the sunrise because I’ve got my nose to the laptop by then. So I went outside to see what I’d been missing. A hawk was circling above the trees to the right of my…

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