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ACFW moments: the good, the bad, and the ugly

I wrote a post yesterday, but something ate it. So, instead of a cohesive and intelligent report from the ACFW conference, I’ll round up some random memories in no particular order. Which might be more interesting anyway. An encouraging moment: As I walked down the hall, I overheard a young man mention P.G. Wodehouse as a favorite author. Yeah! I’ve…

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ACFW 2006

I had a lovely time at the American Christian Fiction Writers conference in Dallas over the weekend. It’s fun to be around people who have imaginary friends to talk about, or even to talk to. Among fiction writers, muttering under your breath as you walk down the hall, alone, is considered normal behavior. Everybody knows you’re just having an argument…

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Yesterday was one of those scattered-in-all-directions days. I really wanted to be writing, especially because I’d figured out a major plot change for one of the novels I’m revising and so I wanted to dig into it. Immediately. But it was our night to host a home-group Bible study, so I had to clean the house, never a small task….

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ACFW conference

I’ve been procrastinating about this post because I don’t know where to start. Also because I’ve been busy polishing a manuscript and rewriting the ending three times. (Yes, I’ve just about got it now, thanks for asking.) I went to the American Christian Fiction Writers conference in Nashville with two of my Atlanta-area friends (waving here to Missy and Amy)….

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The conference, the Caddie, and the rib

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks. For starters, I finished writing a novel. Couple of days after that, I went to the ACFW writers’ conference in Nashville and won two exciting awards there. Better than that, I met up with friends and cemented relationships that I believe will last a lifetime. But I’ll post more about the conference later….

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Cold lobby, warm connections

I’m sitting in the freezing-cold lobby of a hotel in Nashville at the annual conference of the American Christian Fiction Writers. There’s free wireless internet down here, which is why I’m not upstairs in bed. I can’t adequately describe the delight of being with so many like-minded people and meeting friends I’ve only known online before. As one of the…

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