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Spring surprises

It seems like the trees were bare just days ago, and now they’re dense and green with leaves. How did May get here so soon?

This is my first spring in this particular house, so I’m enjoying the surprises. We didn’t know we had a star magnolia in the back yard, for instance. It just looked like an ordinary little tree in the corner, but now it’s filling up with white flowers.

Another discovery: wild strawberries down in the wilds below the deck. They’ll be a pain to pick, being on a steep, rocky bank, but it might be worth it unless the bank is home to snakes, in which case they can have the berries and welcome to ‘em.

Do snakes like berries? Am I revealing myself as an ignoramus? (That wouldn’t surprise me in the least.) And how can I know whether or not there are snakes unless I get out there and poke around?

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