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Scienda Quarterly is on its way

I took this shot a couple of days ago from our back window, looking across our neighbors’ property.  See the coyote between the tree trunks?

We watched him for five or ten minutes.  He was very dog-like as he bounced around in the cold, trying to dig some unlucky little critters out of their holes in the ground.  But he was a little too wolf-like too.

Except for coyote-watching, I haven’t done much lately but write.  My Book 2 is due in four weeks, and then I’ll jump back into Book 3.

But here’s news you can use, right now: CathiLyn Dyck and friends are about to launch the first issue of Scienda Quarterly Magazine, an ezine that promises to be very interesting.  Cat interviewed me about a variety of topics and posted part of the interview today at Scita Scienda as a preview of the ezine, which comes out on February 1. It’s “the armchair adventurer’s magazine, featuring creative writing, literary essays, discussion, interviews and book reviews.” I can’t wait to see it.

I could post more, but WordPress is excruciatingly slow and aggravating today. It’s probably a problem with my browser, actually.  Whatever it is, it has me on the verge of using some unladylike language so I’d better quit while I’m ahead.

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