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Reviews and radio, oh my!

If I seem to have multiple personalities as a blogger, it’s because . . . well, I just do. I’m torn between assorted obsessions. I would like to blog about the latest firestorm on the theology blogs, the next romance novel I intend to read, Hopewell’s review of Frank Schaeffer’s latest nonfiction, and the latest beautiful mishmash of faith and pop culture on Mockingbird.  My brain is swarming with all these things. Maybe this explains why my debut novel is a stew of romance, Dr. Seuss, fun, spiritual abuse, and Shakespeare.  Oh, and cigars. And a quote from Luther.

In honor of my multiple blogging personalities and in honor of tomorrow’s one-month anniversary of the release of When Sparrows Fall, I’ll quote a mishmash of excerpts from reviews.

* * * * *

From journalist and nonfiction religion writer Cathleen Falsani: The novel is not what one might expect. Far from a saccharine story of automatons terrorized by their spiritual leader, Moseley’s characters are complex and nuanced, rounded out with a romantic subplot as compelling as it is surprising.

From RT Reviews, a Top Pick review: Debut author Moseley writes a compelling story. Miranda’s will to fight oppression is heartfelt and Jack’s incessant need to be, well, Jack is both frustrating and charming. As the characters grow throughout the story, readers will embrace them and never want to let go.

From blogger RAnn: Homeschooling plays a part in the story, and those of you who homeschool will be pleased with the treatment it gets, and those who are suspicious of it will have some of those fears validated as well.

From Heather Sanders on the Pioneer Woman blog: Though it may appear that this is a book that would only appeal to Christians, I believe it can be enjoyed by anyone and would most certainly open the door to a lot of great discussions. In my opinion, the primary theme of When Sparrows Fall is about the importance of perceived safety and freedom, love and forgiveness, and the ever-strengthening ties of family.

From blogger Renee Ann Smith: …it took years for me to believe that God is just as delighted in seeing me joyful as He was in giving me life. That He cherishes me. That following Him isn’t all about a list of do’s and don’t's. That I am free to delight in and cherish Him. This is the central issue of Meg Moseley’s debut novel, When Sparrows Fall.

* * * * *

I’ve received a few negative reviews too, but it’s unprofessional for an author to challenge reviewers who’ve found fault with her book. They’re entitled to their opinions, and I’ve learned from them. One of the things I’ve learned is that we all have different hot-buttons.  If you’d like to read more reviews, try Amazon, B&N, or Blogging for Books.

Tonight at 6:30 pm EST (Thursday, June 2) Barry Eva will interview me on his Blogtalk Radio show, “A Book and a Chat with…” He’s a book-lover and a good interviewer, so it should be fun. If you call in during the show, you can join the conversation, or you can listen later from the archives.

Tomorrow at 1 pm EST (Friday, June 3) I’ll be on Jocelyn Andersen’s Blogtalk Radio show with Cynthia Mullen Kunsman. We’ll discuss some of the issues I wrote about in When Sparrows Fall.  I hope you’ll tune in or listen later from the archives.

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