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Reading Josephine Tey again

For a week I’ve done right-handed typing only, my left arm being in a sling after a collision with the very hard border of a sand volleyball court.  One-handed typing is easier than, say, one-legged walking, so I’m trying not to complain.

One of the blessings of this situation is that it gives me a built-in excuse for abandoning my work when I just can’t handle the hunt-and-peck method anymore.  I can’t do much in the realm of housework or cooking, either, so that leaves . . . reading.  (Yay!)

I’m revisiting some favorites that I’ve got on hand.  Over the weekend, I finished Josephine Tey’s 1949 classic, Brat Farrar.  Love, love, love it.  The characters are so well drawn that I would hardly care if the plot didn’t work, but it works beautifully:  A young man, a stranger, masquerades as a long-lost oldest son who was presumed dead and returns to take the family estate out of the hands of “his” twin brother.  Brat’s running a con, but he grows and changes, becoming an unlikely but very likable hero by the end.

I almost want to start it again, right now, to see how Tey did it.

How about you? Have you read or re-read anything especially good lately?

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