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Publishing news

First, just because I love him, here’s a picture of Hobbes, one of our elderly kitties.  Now, on to the news.

For my friends who are waiting for the release of “A Stillness of Chimes,” I’m afraid you’ll wait a little longer.  My publisher is switching the order of my second and third novels.  (They’re stand-alone stories, unrelated to each other, so we’re not messing up a series by doing this.)

The next book to come out has the working title of “Gone South.”  I can’t wait to get my editor’s feedback and dig into the edits, because I’m excited about this new story.  It includes fast cars, antiques, a rebellious dog, a wild-child daughter of the South, an interesting man, and one of the parables of Jesus “told slant.”

I’ll share the official title and the cover art as soon as we have them.  The release date is May 7, which seems so far away!

If you pre-ordered “Stillness” from Amazon or CBD or wherever, you’ll get an email saying your order is canceled.  (I’m sorry!)  If you won a copy in one of my drawings at a book group, I’ll plan on sending you “Gone South” instead, if that’s okay.

I’m off to Dallas next week for the American Christian Fiction Writers’ conference.  It’ll be extra fun this year because my first novel, “When Sparrows Fall,” was nominated for the Carol Award in women’s fiction.  With the competition being Lisa Wingate and Susan Meissner, I don’t have a chance of winning but it’s still a great excuse to buy a new dress for the gala event on Saturday night.

So I’m out the door to the mall.  Wish me luck.

P.S.  I’m sorry I unintentionally disabled comments on my last couple of posts.  That’s fixed now.

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  1. loribenton says:

    Congrats on the Carol nomination Meg! I’m like you, waiting for my edits and longing to dig in, my first, so I’m a little nervous too. But mostly eager to get to work. Have a great time at ACFW!

  2. joannebischof says:

    ooh, it sounds like much is in the works and Gone South sounds very intriguing! I have When Sparrows Fall on my TBR (snatched it up at the WBM offices) :) I’m looking forward to reading it. I’m so excited for you with the upcoming ACFW conference and the Carol Award nomination. Congratulations!!

  3. C.L. Dyck says:

    May 7 will be here before you know it…right on. :) Sounds like “Gone South” will be quite fun. Two books to look forward to is still two books to look forward to, regardless of what order they come in. :)

    Cheering for your success at the Carols! I have to fly out around suppertime, but hopefully I’ll see you along the way before then.

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