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Playing by the rules or not?

I should be writing Christmas cards. Instead, I’m immersed in one more read-through of the suspense novel I should have sent my agent weeks ago. My friend Suzan just read it and gave me some suggestions that shouldn’t take long to implement.

I’m still debating just how real and gritty to make this story. As an unpublished writer, I’ll have a better chance of selling if I play by the rules of Christian publishing and keep everything squeaky-clean. As a reader who’s often bored by Christian novels, though, I want to keep it real. To me, writing from a Christian perspective means including both the grace that saves us and the darkness that we’ve saved from.

My agent, whom I respect greatly, will probably ask me to play by the rules. And she knows the business, inside and out. On the other hand, some editors keep sounding the call for more realistic Christian fiction. That’s the kind of editor I want.

Now, back to reading, with my pen hovering above certain lines that feel right to me but that might send my manuscript straight to the rejection pile. We shall see.

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