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Muse starters

I’m two scenes away from finishing a novel I started writing about a year ago. Then I’ll revise, polish, and polish some more. Once that’s done, off it goes, into the inbox of an editor who may or may not like it. While I wait for thumbs up or thumbs down, I’ll start on my next project. I don’t even know what it is yet, but I can’t wait.

Fall seems like the beginning of the year, not the end. A good time to start new projects. Maybe that’s because I’m a cool-weather person. When it’s chilly outside, my muse wakes up and sings to me, especially if I’m sitting on the deck in a comfy sweatshirt and drinking hot coffee. I expect to spend a lot of time out there in the next few months, reading and writing and reading some more.

Anybody else have a favorite spot, favorite clothes, or a favorite beverage to accompany your reading or writing? What gets your muse warmed up and singing?

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