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Love of the very best kind

Eric Pazdziora’s post on Hillary McFarland’s blog has brought back a special memory for me.  It’s a little off-topic from Eric’s post, maybe, but not by much.

A few years ago, I was at Pensacola with a handful of other authors for a writing retreat.  We had the run of a gorgeous beach house for the weekend, thanks to a generous couple who wanted to bless one of their employees and her friends.  At least for a weekend, we could pretend we were rich.

At about sunset, finished writing for a while, we broke out the champagne to toast a couple of birthdays among us.  But as we gathered on the balcony, we realized that we were about to witness a wedding on the beach.  People were setting up chairs.  Flowers.  An archway decorated with more flowers.   Maybe they had an aisle-runner over the sand; I don’t remember.

Once the setup was complete and the  guests had gathered, the music began.  A guitar, if I remember correctly. While the waves roared and the sunset glinted on the water, a flower girl walked down the “aisle” to “Jesus Loves Me, This I Know.”

This is a wild guess, based on the ages of the bride and groom, the  small number of guests, and the way children participated in the ceremony, but I suspect that the bride and groom weren’t first-timers.  They’d been around the block once or twice, perhaps.  I believe, although I can’t be sure, that their wedding was all about new beginnings.  Second chances.  And, of course, love of the very best kind.

Jesus loves me, this I know.  It’s an appropriate song for any occasion–a wedding, a birthday, or any ordinary day, because it’s always, always true.

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