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Lindi’s book launch and more

This afternoon my husband and I went to hear our good friend Lindi Peterson speak at the launch of her second novel, “Summer’s Song,” at Yawn’s Books in Canton, Georgia.  I met Lindi years ago in the first writers’ group I ever joined, and I’ve loved her and her writing ever since.  “Summer’s Song” is a gently funny story with the grace of God at the heart of it.

Besides buying a copy of Lindi’s novel, I browsed Yawn’s used books and picked up a hardcover novel published in 1957 and set in England.  Like I need another old book to read, right?  I have no idea if it’ll be any good, but it’s an era and a setting that I enjoy, and it wasn’t expensive. (Look at the stacks and stacks of books behind Lindi.  This is the kind of store that could get me in real trouble.)

After leaving Yawn’s, we met our son and his girlfriend for pizza in Atlanta, and she gave me the name of another novelist I need to try.  I will never, never reach the end of my to-be-read list, but that’s just the way I like it.


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