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Jim LePage and Word

I ran across a unique artistic project today on the Pangea Blog.  A graphic artist named Jim LePage shares some thoughts about combining Bible reading with his passion for artistic design, a combination that produced a project he calls Word.

He’s designing at least one print for each book of the Bible, but some books have more.  He spent seven straight weeks on passages related to the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Being an artist, Jim makes good use of his imagination in his attempt to connect with the God of the universe.

I can relate.  You know the verse that tells us to work out our salvation in fear and trembling?  I often think of it when I’m struggling with a plot problem or trying to figure out what one of my imaginary  characters might do next.  I find myself pondering deep, scary, eternal questions as I play with my fictional world.  The deepest questions usually come when I’m working on the darkest parts of the story.  The parts that aren’t pretty.

Not all visual art is pretty, either, but God isn’t found only in beauty.  Parts of the Bible get downright ugly, like real life, but God’s there too.

Some of Jim LePage’s designs aren’t what I would call pretty, but they’re powerful and thought-provoking.  Others are downright beautiful.  I hope you’ll take a look.

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