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I’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do

I’d like to explain why my blog includes links to some sites that link to other sites that might be considered decidedly un-Christian.

I’m a Christian.  I’ve been exposed to a variety of denominations, but the age-old Apostles’ Creed will serve as my statement of faith.

I’m a former homeschooling mom.  We home-schooled our kids all the way through.  The two older ones went on to college and did very well.  The youngest doesn’t want to go to college, at least not yet. That’s up to him.

One of the best things about homeschooling is the freedom.  The autonomy.  Each family can make its own choices about educational methods and resources.  Homeschoolers are a diverse lot.  If you know enough of them, you’ll soon realize that they defy generalizations.  About the time you think you’ve figured out one group, you’ll run across another group that’s entirely different.

When I wrote a novel about a large home-schooling family, the characters weren’t meant to be “typical” homeschoolers because I don’t think there’s any such thing.  The beliefs and practices of my fictional characters are a hodgepodge of beliefs and practices that I’ve seen in real life or I’ve run across in my research for the novel, but never in exactly that combination. Some of these beliefs tend to trap people in dysfunctional and even abusive situations.

I’m not saying that every homeschool, patriarchal or “Quiverfull” family is dysfunctional or abusive, but the internet teems with eye-opening and sometimes heartbreaking blogs and websites.  That’s why I’ve linked to Quivering Daughters, What Came Down Today, and That Mom. Hillary, Tricia, and Karen are Christians who extend compassion to those who have been burned by patriarchy in its various forms.

When women and children want out of bad situations, their first step is to escape.  Somewhere.  Anywhere.   Some Christian homeschoolers escape straight into the arms of agnosticism, atheism, or paganism.  So, if you follow my links, then follow those links, you’ll run across sites that might raise your eyebrows if you don’t often venture far from your local church.

But Jesus lived in the real world, and so should we.  He’s all about grace, love, and liberty.  He’s all about truth.  So should we be.

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