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It’s release day for Gone South

Today is the big day! Gone South is in bookstores all over the place. Big thanks to my patient and long-suffering family, my critique partners and friends, my editors and all the wonderful people at Multnomah, and most of all to my readers who light up my life with their willingness to enter the world of my imaginary friends. In this case, that means Tish, George, Calvary Williams, and a Melanie Hamilton who could have used some lessons in deportment from the Melanie of Gone with the Wind.

I’m going to put some gift packages together and give ‘em away. I’ll post photos and details later today. If you leave a comment here, and if you live in the U.S., you’ll be entered in the drawing. (EDITED TO ADD: The drawing is now closed! My winners are Theresa and Sheryl. I have emailed you for your mailing addresses. Thanks to everybody for participating!)

[Here's the promised photo. I wish more of the tea towel showed, because it's perfect for the theme of the novel. But if you look closely at the other items, you might notice a couple of things that seem strangely out of place in the midst of Southern-style snacks. Do you see them?

(No spoilers if you know the story, okay? Thanks!)

I'll give away two gift baskets here on the blog, drawing the winners from U.S. residents who've commented on the post. The winners will each receive a signed copy of Gone South too, and some other little items that haven't made their way into the baskets yet. I'll announce the winners on Monday, May 13.

I'll give away another gift basket at my signing at Books-a-Million at Discover Mills in Lawrenceville (GA) from 2:00 to 4:00 pm on Saturday, May 25.

I now return you to the original post....]

The reviews are starting to come in, and the book has already received a bunch of endorsements that make me very happy. This one, for instance:

“In Gone South, Meg Moseley has created a cast of characters that captured my imagination and drew me into their world. As their stories unfolded, I found myself caring deeply for Tish and George and especially young Mel, whose foibles and shortcomings made her all the more endearing. I have a feeling the folks of Noble will stay with me a good long while!” —Ann Tatlock, award-winning author of Sweet Mercy




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  1. Carol says:

    I am so thrilled! I especially like this review, because it asks a question to peak my interest even more!

    Should we be held accountable for the actions of our ancestors? This is the question at the heart of Moseley’s latest. Although missing great imagery and uplifting messages, the characters (including a stubborn dog) are interesting and the author makes you care what happens to them. Reviewed By: Cheryl Hanson

  2. Suzan Robertson says:

    I loved the book. I thought the book had wonderful imagery. It was easy to place myself in the imaginary town of Noble, it was so expertly drawn. And although the underlying theme was about the heroine’s family history, the takeaway message was very uplifting: Compassion overrides fear and suspicion.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Congrats Meg on your new release “Gone South”
    Looking forward to reading it .. Thanks for the giveaway. . Would love to be entered .

  4. Gina says:

    I am excited about the realease of Gone South and I am looking forward to reading the book. There are few things better than a wonderful book. Thank you for writing another one for us!

  5. Meg Moseley says:

    Thanks for joining the conversation, everybody! I’m off to put those giveaways together so I’ll be away from the computer. If you’re a brand-new commenter, you’ll be stuck in the queue until I can get back to approve your comment. People who’ve commented before won’t have to wait, so carry on!

  6. Mrs. R says:

    Oh! Please enter me in your drawing! This is so exciting! I really can’t wait to get my hands on this book! It just sounds SO. GOOD! I’m so excited for you!!! Congrats on your second book release.

  7. Willa says:

    I am so thrilled for you, Meg, (Margaret to me). What an exciting day for you. Can’t wait to read “Gone South”.



  8. Super excited for you on your release, Meg! And I will be SURE to tell my mom…she’ll be thrilled to know you have another book out. Have fun on your special day!!

  9. Janette Soffes says:

    I absolutely LOVE the cover! Reading When Sparrows Fall right now and am one of your new fans. So excited for you! Congratulations. I can’t wait to dive into your new story. Blessings!

  10. Meg Moseley says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the excitement with me, everybody, and thank you for your encouraging words. I just got home from a FUN shopping trip for the giveaways. As soon as my computer starts cooperating with my camera, I’ll download a photo of one of the gift baskets, and we’ll see if anybody has any wild guesses about why I included certain items.

  11. Theresa Dalton says:

    Hi Meg!
    SOOO happy for you! enjoyed your first and hope to read Gone South soon…Congratulations!

  12. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this release, as I’m just IN LOVE with the cover (southern tomboy myself). I’m all for Southern fiction and I’d LOVE to win the basket of southern goodness above, but even more, THE BOOK! Please sign me up! Heatherdaygilbert (at) gmail (dot) com!

  13. Meg Moseley says:

    I’m so blessed by all the sweet comments and encouraging words. Thank you, everyone, for sharing the day’s excitement with me. I appreciate each one of you!

  14. Candy says:

    I pre-ordered this a long time ago so I was so happy to get up this morning and see it on my kindle! Cannot wait to read it.

  15. Elizabeth Dent says:

    I love the giveaway you are having.. Love new authors. Just got the book .
    Thanks and Blessings.

  16. Patty says:

    I would think the Hot Wheel is out of place, not sure what else! I would love to win the gift basket a a signed copy of your new book.

    • Meg Moseley says:

      Good eye, Patty! The Hot Wheels car is one of two oddball items that I included because they’re related to the plot of the story. There’s also a snack item with a name that will ring a bell with anybody who has read the story.

      If the photo is too small to see details, you can click on it to see a larger view.

  17. Rachel says:

    Gone South sounds like a book I’d enjoy reading. Could I be entered for the giveaway? I live in Michigan, USA.


  18. Meg Moseley says:

    Yes, you’re entered in the giveaway, Rachel.

    You might enjoy the Michigan connections in the novel!

  19. Bookbolter says:

    I just finished reading When Sparrows Fall on my Kindle, and I’m looking forward to Gone South. Lucky for me the release day for your second book was only about a week after I’d discovered your first one! That’s pretty close to instant gratification. I’m really enjoying your work and would love to win. Thanks for sharing with us.

  20. Meg Moseley says:

    Thanks, Bookbolter!

    By the way, I would love it if any of you would take a few minutes to post a review on Amazon or somewhere. (You don’t need to have bought from Amazon to post a review there.) Feedback helps authors even when it stings a little, like the review Carol quoted above. I learn from my reviews, and I try to take them into account when I’m thinking about future books.

  21. Shirley B says:

    When I checked my email today, CBD had your book highlighted in the promotional “Step Outside to a World of New Fiction!” I was so excited for you that I sent it to some of our mutual “old” friends! Congratulations!! Please enter me in the drawing, too!

  22. Paula Osborne says:

    thanks for sharing about your book and congratulations , I love the cover pic with the jeans sticking out on that beautiful dress…

  23. Sue says:

    Congratulations on the release of your latest book. A “southern-style gift basket sounds so intriguing to me – please enter me in the drawing! Many Blessings to You!

  24. Robyn Conners says:

    Hello, I haven’t read your books yet, but I look forward to reading this and am very excited about adding you to my favorite authors list!! Congratulations!!

  25. Lisa Bartelt says:

    I started the book last night and already I can’t put it down! And When Sparrows Fall is on my bookshelf “to read” so I’m looking forward to more from you!

  26. Beth Gillihan says:

    Congrats on your release! Sounds like a wonderful book! Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. Denise Harmer says:

    So excited to read this one! The gift basket looks intriguing….can’t really tell what some of that stuff is. :)

  28. Meg Moseley says:

    Click on the photo, Denise, and it should show up larger. Until you’ve read the story, you probably won’t know why some of those items are in there. :)

  29. 2boyzmommy says:

    I love finding new authors and I love to win things. I’m one of those that don’t know which are the odd additions to the basket. I’ll just have to read the book to find out. The only dilemma, if I win, will be deciding which one of my boys gets the car. They both love them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. Christina Addison says:

    I couldn’t put your first book down; I’m BEYOND excited about this next one!! You are such a gifted author Margaret, thank you for sharing your talent with is!

  31. Sandy Rutkowski says:

    I can’t wait to read this book. I love the cover. I know that what’s inside the book is even better.

  32. Sheri says:

    Love the cover on this book. . . It has been on my Amazon Wishlist for quite a while now. It sounds great.

  33. vicki says:

    Got my free copy today am so excited this will be my weekend read !Thanks so much for the book : )

  34. Judy B says:

    This cover is beautiful up close and personal! I received an ARC from Waterbrook in the mail this week and just started to read Gone South yesterday. I’m only 15 pages into it because I was interrupted but it is going to be a good read! :)

    Blessings and Congrats on “Gone South!”
    Judy B

  35. Meg Moseley says:

    Thanks for chiming in, everybody! It’s fun for me to see how many of you are drawn in by the cover art. :)

  36. Sue L says:

    Meg – congrats on your release of “Gone South.” I’m a Northerner but hear it’s a good read so will definitely check it out. Loved the cover too! Good luck!

  37. Meg Moseley says:

    I have the winners of the two gift baskets. The Random Number Generator came up with the comments left by Theresa and Sheryl. Congratulations, Theresa and Sheryl. I’ll email you for your mailing addresses.

    Thanks to everybody for stopping by and celebrating the book release with me! We’ll do more giveaways sometime soon.

  38. Username* says:

    I want to enter for a chance to win a copy of “Gone South”. The cover really is enticing and I know it will be a really good book. Lynda

  39. Meg Moseley says:

    Hi, Lynda. Thanks for stopping by, but I’m afraid the drawing was over on May 13. I’ll do another drawing sometime soon, though.


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