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Homeschooling: sensible and not so sensible

I may be a “graduate” homeschool mom, with my kids grown and out of school, but I still read Karen Campbell’s “That Mom” blog of encouragement for homeschool mothers.  Her current post on minimalist influence is outstanding.  It gets to the roots of how homeschooling should work.

As I told Karen in my comment, I wish I’d known her years ago when I was trying and failing to be the perfect homeschool mom.  There’s no such creature, but Karen’s advice is blessedly normal and sensible.

Not all homeschoolers are so well-balanced, and the fallout from unhealthy beliefs and practices can be devastating.  Hillary McFarland has a thoughtful post on one of the aspects of patriocentric homeschooling at her “Quivering Daughters” blog.  Titled “When you love a daughter of patriarchy,” it was inspired by a young man who shared his story with Hillary.  The comments are as enlightening as the post.

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