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Hillary McFarland’s “Quivering Daughters”

Hillary McFarland gave me a sneak preview of her upcoming non-fiction book, Quivering Daughters, and I loved it.  The book is a must-read for anyone who homeschools, rubs shoulders with homeschoolers, or is curious about hyperpatriarchy or “Quiverfull” families like the Duggars of TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting.”

I’m pro-homeschooling; we homeschooled our own kids.  By the grace of God, they turned out pretty durned wonderful in spite of the many mistakes that their parents made in raising them.  I’m pro-babies, too.  If a husband and wife are equipped to do a good job of raising a large family, I think that’s great–as long as they don’t tell the rest of us that it’s the only right choice.

Hillary knows the blessings and the sorrows of being the oldest daughter of a large, Quiverfull family.  With clarity and compassion, she tells “quivering daughters” that she has been there, too.  Having been wounded by the extremes of QF beliefs and practices, she also knows the joy of finding healing in a biblical understanding of God’s grace.

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