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Freedom for Quivering Daughters

True confession:  I’m a Bible-believing Christian, but I have deliberately broken the laws of the land.  I have engaged in illegal homeschooling.  I didn’t have a teaching certificate in a state that required one.  That might not sound too radical, but we lived in fear of losing custody of our children until Michigan relaxed its laws.

Maybe it was civil disobedience or maybe it was sheer stubbornness, but those pioneer days of homeschooling were all about freedom and autonomy.  Each household made its own decisions, good and bad.  We were a diverse bunch, held together by a few common beliefs. As time went on, though, some of us were infected with a scary strain of legalism that’s at odds with the liberty-loving origins of the movement.

My first published novel, coming out from WaterBrook next year, is about a woman’s battle to break free from a cultic group.  My research for the novel led me to an amazing community of people who have survived various forms of legalistic Christianity, including the Quiverfull movement.  Some of these survivors have walked away from Christianity altogether, but others are living evidence of God’s grace.

Hillary McFarland is one of those grace-drenched survivors.  Yes, I’ve written about Hillary before.  No doubt I’ll write about her again, because I share her concern for the daughters and the sons of patriarchy.

Hillary’s book, Quivering Daughters: Hope and Healing for the Daughters of Patriarchy, is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  I won’t plug every new book that comes along, but this is one that I wept over.

I’m so thankful that freedom wins.

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