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Eight random facts including Beowabbit

My friend Suzan Robertson is kindly kicking me back into the world of blogging by means of this “eight random facts about yourself” game.

I haven’t blogged in ages. On the other hand, I dug into one of my novels that needed a total rewrite. I rewrote it in three months, then started a new one, so I don’t feel too guilty about neglecting my blog. Is anybody still out there, though?

On to the game. But never fear, friends. I won’t tag you. Tagging is the chain letter of blogdom. (Yes, Suzan, you’re forgiven. I should thank you for making me blog.)

Fact 1: I have the world’s best recipe for refrigerator bread & butter pickles. No canning required. Easy and delicious. If you want it, I’ll share. You’ll need a gallon-sized glass jar.

Fact 2: Seamus Heaney’s translation of “Beowulf” is one of my all-time favorite books, but I also enjoy the “Beowabbit” version. I’m afraid to know what that says about me.

Fact 3: I once wrote a novel in three weeks. Yes, it was crappy. Don’t worry, it’s gone forever.

Fact 4: I love bad translations. I found an online recipe recently that translated “eight large peeled potatoes” to “eight great bare Popes.” It made my day.

Fact 5: I used to play guitar and write songs. Dozens of songs. Maybe hundreds. I’m not kidding. I sang them in Christian coffeeshops in the Jesus Movement days in California. Yes, I’m dating myself.

Fact 6: I’m a Detroit Red Wings fan because we used to live near Detroit. The Wings are the only team I follow in any sport. They’ll play the Ducks next. (Wings, Ducks….hockey’s for the birds, eh?)

Fact 7: I drink my coffee black, unless it’s nasty coffee.

Fact 8: I’m going to the Colorado Christian Writers’ Conference next week, so I really should be stressing out about memorizing pitches for my novels. Or frantically writing one more chapter for my WIP. Or at least worrying about what to wear. But I’m just looking forward to having a reunion with my friend Sherrie, who put me up to going.

This means, of course, that I’ll be too busy next week to do much blogging, so Suzan will have to give me another nudge in a week or two. Right, Suzan?

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