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Dumb question of the day: Pets or no?

I couldn’t think of a blessed thing to post today, so I asked my husband to give me an idea or a question.

His instant reply:  “To be or not to be a pet-owner? That is the question.”

I’ll give you a little background on why that particular topic should leap to his mind.  We’ve had a lot of critters through the years: eight cats (not all at the same time, thank goodness), one dog, one horse, two parakeets, and two cockatiels.  Then there were the 4-H pigs and the chickens.  And rabbits.

Now are kids are grown.  We’ve nearly reached empty-nester status, and our menagerie has shrunk to two cats, eight years old. Once they kick the bucket, Hubby would love to be a pet-free home.  No more fur floating through the air.  No more houseplants made raggedy by kitty-teeth.  No more worries about who’ll remember to feed them if we go out of town.  Not to mention all the money we’d save on catfood.

Sounds good, huh?  Except a house without at least one pet doesn’t quite seem alive to me.

So there it is, the question of the day.

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