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Standing in the need of prayer

What a monstrous storm Katrina was. Natural disasters happen all the time. Earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes. They affect Christian nations and pagan ones. They destroy brothels and churches. They kill saints and sinners, old folks, newlyweds, little children. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. Some people label disasters as God’s judgment, but I just can’t. As Jesus said, speaking…

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I’ve been in New Orleans only twice. Once was nearly thirty years ago, on a church bus. We drove through part of the French Quarter on a hot July morning but didn’t stop. It looked pretty dismal. Then I flew out of the New Orleans airport a few years ago. July, again. I was traveling with friends to a writers’…

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I moved recently and changed my voter registration to my new precinct, but I’ll miss the old one. For years, I voted in the gym/multi-purpose room of a church. I always enjoyed the sight of a long line of voters snaking through a church’s gym. Church and state got along just fine, for once. There was a mural on the…

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Good books I’ve been reading

I learned this morning that Deeanne Gist has hit Number 10 on the list of best-selling Christian fiction with A Bride Most Begrudging, published by Bethany House. (You can read a bit about the book in my first post, listed in the sidebar.) I’m happy for her, and I’m happy for the readers who have picked up her book. I…

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Poor beastie

As Robert Burns said in 1785, the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley. I had planned to post something here Monday through Friday, every week. But there I was, three days into blogging, and my ISP went down. So much for good intentions. Anyway, I’m back. Speaking of mice, let’s consider the housekeeping habits of bookish…

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Whatever the weather….

On Saturday, my husband and I joined some friends for an afternoon trip to the mountains. We pulled into Highlands, North Carolina, late in the afternoon, seven riders on five bikes. My husband hollered to me over his shoulder, “I hear bagpipes!” Of course you do, dear. Is your helmet a little too tight? But he was right. A piper…

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