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Calling all Jesus freaks

A quotation I just swiped from The Wartburg Watch:  “I’m only here on Earth to serve God. I never had a career.  I don’t care about commercialism.  I have a ministry and I’ll fight for the ministry.”  — Larry Norman

Anything from Larry Norman hooks my attention immediately.  He was a major figure in the Jesus Movement, one of the biggest influences in my life as a teenager in California.  I’m also interested in the intersection of ministry, commercialism, and art, but the bigger attention-grabber is the title of the blog post:  Spiritual Abuse–Blame It on the Jesus Freaks?

This looks to be the first installment of at least a two-part post focused on an upcoming nonfiction book, The Prodigal Prophet by Charlie Boyd, which I haven’t read.  The post includes two videos that will bring back a lot of memories for anyone who was once called a Jesus Freak.  I don’t know where the post is going, but I suspect it might get painful.

Although I don’t know Dee and Deb, the authors of the Wartburg Watch, I have been reading their blog for months and I have a lot of respect for their candor.

So.  Read, watch, discuss.  Thanks.

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