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Bikes, Books, and a Bride Most Begrudging

“Ride your own ride.” That advice comes from my friend Gloria, a Harley rider. We love riding in the mountains, Gloria and her husband each on their own bikes while I enjoy passenger status behind my husband. Each rider is responsible for his or her own safety. If Gloria were following her husband and he made a maneuver that wouldn’t be smart for her to try, even if it was fine for him, she wouldn’t blindly follow him. He rides his ride, and she rides hers. They can’t make identical decisions because they’re on different bikes, in different positions on the road.

I believe the same principle applies to writers, and I want to start my first-ever blog by celebrating a new writer who rides her own ride instead of playing follow-the-leader.

Deeanne Gist’s first novel from Bethany House, A Bride Most Begrudging, is livelier and a whole lot more fun than most of the historical novels I’ve read. Dee prayed over every line of the book, writing it to please her audience of One. It’s hilarious sometimes and heartbreaking at other times, like real life can be.

The story is set in Colonial Virginia, and Dee did meticulous research for historical accuracy. The characters, Drew and Constance, are presented with an honesty that, fortunately, is gaining more acceptance in Christian fiction these days. I can identify with these characters. No, I’ve never been bartered as payment of a gambling debt and then turned over to a man who already bought another bride just that morning, but I can certainly sympathize with Constances’s less than saintly reaction!

Here is Deeanne’s website:
And her blog:
And the Amazon link:

How many of you out there have read Bride already?

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