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Artists, Bosch mixers, & homeschool mamas

An excerpt from Cindy Kunsman’s latest blog post:  Every new generation experiences life uniquely, rising to meet new challenges in new ways.  Though the basic responses are not generally unique, each generation strives to make their efforts uniquely their own….  How each generation or group of people solves their problems creates their history, yet because we are imperfect human beings, new problems always arise with those new solutions.  We demonstrate our true character as we acknowledge, take responsibility for, and confront what we’ve created.  To avoid our responsibility, sometimes we even go back to resurrect or reinvent some old solution that worked for a previous generation, losing sight of our own specific purposes.

The rest of Cindy’s post, “The aim of every artist,” includes a shameless plug for my novel, When Sparrows Fall, but I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read the post for its own sake.

P.S. If you don’t get Cindy’s reference to Bosch mixers, you weren’t a grain-grinding, granola-making homeschool mama in the 1980′s. :)



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