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Anne Rice, Pat Robertson, and me

Although I’m still shaking my head over Pat Robertson’s remarks about Haiti, I have to overlook  my irritation for the moment and direct your attention to the Anne Rice interview with Scott Ross on Robertson’s TV network.  The link goes to a transcript, not video, so you can skim it quickly if you’d like.  Please take a look, even if neither Rice nor Robertson nor Ross is your cup of tea.

I’ve never read any of Anne Rice’s books, although I’m about to change that, and I never watch CBN.  I just happened to be in the room as my husband did some channel-surfing. He stopped to listen to the interview, and a few of Anne Rice’s words caught my ear:

“All I know is I believe in God, and I love Him.”

I started listening in earnest.  Then:

“I didn’t want to write books anymore that didn’t reflect my faith and my love of God.  I really consecrated my work to Him.  I said, ‘I want to give it all to You.   I don’t want to write anything anymore that talks about the old atheistic despair, misery, searching and so forth and so on.  I want to write it just for You.’”

I already believed that Anne Rice’s conversion was real and true, but it took this interview to make me seek out the books she wrote after she returned to her childhood faith.  I went to the library and picked up Angel Time and Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana because that was all I could find.  I want to read her memoir, too:  Called Out of Darkness.

It’s not just Haiti that’s plagued with darkness and sin.  We’re all sinners, living in a fallen world.  I’m grateful to be saved by grace, through faith, as a gift of God lest any man should boast.

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