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ACFW moments: the good, the bad, and the ugly

I wrote a post yesterday, but something ate it. So, instead of a cohesive and intelligent report from the ACFW conference, I’ll round up some random memories in no particular order. Which might be more interesting anyway.

An encouraging moment: As I walked down the hall, I overheard a young man mention P.G. Wodehouse as a favorite author. Yeah! I’ve loved Wodehouse since I was a kid. It’s nice to know some people still read the oldies-but-goodies.

A mind-boggling moment: When I started to comprehend Mary DeMuth’s words about writing as a calling. This whole crazy journey is a gift, like Moses’ journey with God’s children was a gift and a calling. It wasn’t something God would take away from him. It was what Moses was born to do.

A puzzling moment: when the moderator asked editors on a panel to name a memorable book they’d read lately, and several of them couldn’t come up with a title. Hmm…this is troubling.

An answered-prayer moment: I had asked God to give me just one minute with a particular editor, not to pitch to him, but to ask if a friend could submit her work since she couldn’t attend the conference, but she won her category of the Genesis contest. At breakfast on Sunday, he walked by. I said hi, and he sat down and said he had five minutes. That’s five times what I’d asked for.

A fun moment: watching a tango lesson in the hotel lobby at midnight.

A sweet moment: learning that my favorite agents in the whole wide world left a basket of chocolates for me at the front desk. Sadly, they’re gone now. The chocolates, I mean. Not the agents.

And I guess I can’t think of any bad or ugly moments except the way my flight home was delayed again and again. Even that wasn’t too bad because I had friends, books, and chocolate to help pass the time. But next time, I think I’m driving. Right, Suzan?

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