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A birthday bash, etc.

Have you ever gone out to eat, later than usual, and ended your meal with a big mug of decaf coffee….but it wasn’t decaf?  (No wonder it tasted good.)  I might have slept for an hour or so, toward dawn.  If this post isn’t entirely coherent, blame it on sleep deprivation.

A few miscellaneous items of business:

Tomorrow night, Monday, June 13, The Book Club Network is having its first birthday bash.  Thirty authors will be giving away books, and somebody will win a Kindle, too.  For this one evening, you do *not* need to be a member of TBCN to participate.  You can enter the drawings by leaving comments.  (At TBCN’s site, not here.) I’m a little foggy on the details (sleep deprivation, remember?) but I’m sure they’re explained on the site.  Festivities start at 9 p.m. EST and will include an open chat with about twenty of the authors, including me.

Also, if you would like to subscribe to my e-newsletter, you can fill in the form on my website.  I promise I won’t flood your inbox with too-frequent updates.  I’ll be lucky if I get the thing out three or four times a year.  And if you have any questions you’d like to ask me about When Sparrows Fall, leave them in the comments here, and I’ll pick a few to answer in the newsletter.  (No plot spoilers, please.)  I’ll try to send out the newsletter within a week.

I’ll be signing When Sparrows Fall at the LifeWay store in Buford, Georgia on Saturday, June 25 from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m.  My friend Anita Mellott will be there at the same time, signing her book of devotions for homeschool parents.  The store is located at 3125 Woodward Crossing Boulevard,  #2000, beside the Mall of Georgia.  I hope you’ll stop by if you’re in the area.

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